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Living Water Machine

Are you experiencing: heart burn, indigestion, low energy, fatigue aches, pains constipation, dry itchy skin ,insomnia and many more symptoms? All of these symptoms can be from dehydration and avery acidic internal environment, this means your PH levels are way out of balance and you are headed for some serious health issues if you do not take action and start to turn your internal environment to an alkaline level. When I was very sick with candida yeast infection in my body and diagnosed with fibromayalgia, crohns disease, liver failure, kidney failure, chronic fatigue, and many allergies, I was drinking reverse osmosis water and just could not seem to make any progress in riding myself of the candida yeast infection. I tested the reverse osmosis water and it tests totally acidic. Water that is acid feeds the yeast because yeast flourishes in an acid environment After much testing of waters for their PH levels I was appalled at the quality of drinking water that most people are drinking. Water from the tap is very unhealthy with chlorine and flouride in it and also it is acidic. Bottled water is usually acidic and has toxins from the plastic bottle in it. Then I discovered the Living Water machine ,I was cautious and studied the information and then tested it for it's accuracy in how it works in my body and my husband Rods body. While drinking ro water I was very sensitive to mold because of the candida and because RO water will contribute to the growth of mold in your water containers and of course then in your body I purchased a living water machine and we no longer have to buy water or be concerned about the PH level of the water. Rod is a carpenter and is self employed. He will do any thing from building from the ground up or replacing windows to painting the house in side or out. While doing this work he received a deep tissue injury in 2003 and it would seem healed for a while and then he would twist and it would be very painful again.

The beautiful change for him as he started drinking the Living water is that because the water is ionized, oxygenated, and alkaline it raises the oxygen levels in his tissues and detoxifies the body so it can heal deep in side. Wow he is so happy to be relieved of this pain and feel renewed energy.

Rod was always very acidic and that caused a lot of low energy and a feeling of wanting to munch a lot. Becoming properly hydrated and detoxified has improved his sleep and his bowels are functioning properly. Of course another benefit is that he is urinating a good volume and he does not have prostate inflammation.

For me I am healed and Praising the Lord.


The new LivingWater® by Vollara™ contains revolutionary patented technology. It uses exclusive Direct Disk Ionization Technology, smart technology for a smart price. Welcome to the next generation water ionizer for a healthy body, a healthy home and a healthy life.

Living Water Machine with tax is $2,154.21

Effective Hydration = The process of ionization changes the structure of the water. It becomes Living Water that deeply hydrates the cells, being absorbed 6 times faster than tap or bottled water.
Ionization makes tap water PH more alkaline. The water molecule H20 - is split, resulting in the ions H+ [hydrogen with a positive electrical charge] and OH-[hydronxyl with a negative electrical charge] ,as well as ionic alkaline minerals. This abundance of OH- ions increases the bicarbonate buffers in the blood so it can better neutralize and excrete acids and toxins. Living Water increases blood oxygenation, and this provides us with mental alertness and is invigorating and energizing to the body. This means our internal organs are continually being healed and detoxified.

I have testimonies of diabetes being healed, acid reflux being healed also leg pain and muscle cramps to name a few. A happy healthy body is one glass of water away, so come along with me to Olympic Gold health and enjoy life and function as you were designed to function, without pain and fatigue or depression. With the living water machine it is like having your own fountain of youth right in your own home. Water your family daily to grow into the vibrant loving family you want to be. When children are acidic and dehydrated they can become very restless and be labeled A.D.D. and their body is really trying to expel the acid so it can function in a calm manner This could be the best investment in your family health you ever made.



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