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Marge Schmidt is a wealth of information and wisdom. We learned a tremendous amount from Marge when we spent time with her in Arizona. Through kindness, caring, and bodywork, she opened our eyes to how diet and self care of the whole body, both physical and mental, can make an enormous impact on health. We were searching for a more natural approach to health and healing, and we were blessed by Marge's knowledge.

We learned acupressure points to open blocked energy meridians. We learned food combining for maximum energy. We learned about roots and herbs for healing, and juicing combinations for body purification. We learned to listen to our own body for signals and answers. We learned honesty and straight talk as best ways to work through any issue.

We learned an open heart is the way to a deep relationship with God and others. And we were always delighted and rejuvenated by Marge's charm, wit, love, and direct approach.


We continually contact Marge for information and advise whenever we have an aliment that we want to heal naturally without drugs. She always has suggested remedy based on old proven ingredients, and techniques, used long before pharmaceuticals became the unfortunate prescribed answer to all ills.

We feel most fortunate to have Marge in our lives, and thank God that she is able to share her wisdom and healing with us.

Rob and Jan - Nevada City CA.


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Mae's Healing Rooms ~ Phone (605) 787-6113

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