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Maes Milk Thistle Celery Seed
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Milk Thistle Celery Seed tea is a very powerful healing tea that you can continue to drink on a regular basis and it will continue you reduce inflammation and cleanse your liver and urinary tract and prevent illness in your body. Milk Thistle is a very important herb to cleanse and heal your liver from any poisoning from man made chemicals such as exhaust, petroleum oils, perfumes, after shave, hair products, laundry detergents and fabric softeners.

All of these products become absorbed into the liver as it tries to filter them from your body. The liver has over 500 functions to complete in your body and they are all hindered from toxic back up in the system. Other toxins to the liver are prescription drugs, alcohol, processed foods. these things seem harmless but they are unhealthy to your liver and cause a huge amount of inflammation to all of your organs.

Milk Thistle Celery Seed tea protects and cleanses, reduces inflammation and brings perfect electrolytes in a marvelous form it utilizes immediately without having to break it down. Celery Seed is full of minerals to feed the urinary tract also as it cleanses the kidneys and will cause increased urine flow. In the past I experienced many kidney infections and so I experienced pain in my right kidney.

As I drink Milk Thistle Celery Seed tea my kidneys become stronger and my urine flow is very strong! This brings an increased amount of energy to my total body.

I love it buy it now to start your path of continual cleansing and health!

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Calming Tea Red Raspberry and Lemon Balm For a restful nights sleep.

As I have coached people, a consistent NEED that I have seen is for a good nights sleep with a recovering restful mind. Other needs that have surfaced are for a settled stomach and intestines, Morning sickness, hot flashes, menstrual cramps and hiatal hernia. I researched what was available in the market place and could not find a red raspberry and lemon balm mixture. I know from my experience and research that this mixture is very effective in helping to relieve many of the complaints mentioned. I set to work developing this blend for now, so you can begin to experience some relief. This tea strengthens uterine wall, relaxes uterine and intestinal spasms. The tea may also help heal canker sores and promote healthy skin, nails, bones, and teeth.

Ingredients: The tea contains: loose leaf, red raspberry, lemon balm, citric acid, pectin, silicon, and vitamins' C and D.

Instructions: To allow proper processing of the tea , bring 1 quart of water to a boil and then add 1 level TBS. of the tea leaves to the water, cover, and turn off the burner and steep 20 minutes. before straining and drinking. Enjoy hot or cold. For a restful nights sleep drink 1 cup after your evening meal.

Maes Teas
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Note: All orders within South Dakota have 4% state tax included. Out of state, no taxes included.

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Hawthorn & Passion Flower Tea
Hawthorn berry has been known to be one of the finest heart tonics for centuries, says DR. Eric Powell. He speaks with some authority as he himself was cured with hawthorn when given up to die of heart disease as a child.

In modern medicine hawthorn berry extract is used to treat both high and low blood pressure, rapid or feeble heartbeat, fluid build-up, inflammation of the heart muscle, arteriosclerosis, valvular heart disease, and angina. It improves circulation, opens clogged arteries, helps clear artery walls, and strengthens the heart muscle, promoting longevity.

It is particularly good for the heart problems of old age, and the insomnia of heart suffers. Its action in valvular heart conditions is truly remarkable whether the mitral or aortic area be affected.

As I have coached people in their quest for health, this is an area of need and concern for "heart health" so this tea is a wonderful preventive medicine to enjoy daily.

I have studied how effective Hawthorn and Passion Flower are together, as the Passion Flower acts more rapidly to calm nervous tension and relieve insomnia, while the Hawthorn is a very steady acting tea and takes a little longer for the effects to take action in the body, but give long term benefits for the heart when taken consistently.

A small amount of this tea may be very calming for hyperactive children or adults as well as senior citizens suffering from tranquilizer addictions.




Tea is the most effective form to take these herbs ,as in a steeped liquid form it is readily available to be absorbed into your muscles and organs. For heart issues, drink one cup every 5 hours, for an adult.

Instructions: For a child 1/2 cup 2 times a day. Always remember the size of the body is important to consider, as the smaller the body, the less amount of the tea should be consumed.

This is a strong tasting tea so if you have a hard time with the taste; add 2 TBS of coconut milk to the tea after you have poured it into your cup. Stir well and it will be creamy and delicious.

Boil 1 quart of water then add 3TBS. of tea the loose leaf tea to the water, cover, remove from the heat, steep for 20 minutes before straining and drinking. Enjoy to good Health!

Hawthorne and Passion Flower Teas
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Note: All orders within South Dakota have 4% state tax included. Out of state, no taxes included.

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Oregon Grape Root & Periwinkle Tea
This tea is a beautiful golden color and has a very mellow taste. It is fun to sip and let the warm glow come over you as it does the healing in your body. The yellow root is used as a gentle hepatic-bilary stimulant. By enhancing the flow of the bile through the liver and gallbladder, the entire function of the liver is improved. Thus the blood is purified of toxins. It may be used for skin diseases, broncial congestion , arthritis, cancers, tumors and other serious diseases. Periwinkle complements Oregon Grape Root as it reduces phlegm, relieves irritations , and is anti-inflammatory. This causes Periwinkle to be very healthy for the lungs and the stomach. together they have much needed minerals for our body that will help you to feel balanced. As you enjoy this tea you will feel very peaceful and able to concentrate.

Directions: Bring 1 quart of water to a boil, then add 3 TBS of Oregon Grape Root and Periwinkle tea to the water. Turn the burner off and let the tea steep for 20 minutes. Strain and enjoy.

I put the tea in a tea ball so that it is easy to remove and you can use the tea again, as it has a strong medicinal value as you reuse it.

If you are experiencing hypothyroid problems do not take this tea more then one week at a time and alternate with the Hawthorn passion flower for one week. As you alternate the teas you will balance their activity in the body.

Oregon Grape Root & Periwinkle Teas
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Note: All orders within South Dakota have 4% state tax included. Out of state, no taxes included.

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Sassafras Root Bark Tea
This is a delicioous tea that has a mild root beer flavor and is a beautiful golden brown color! The medicinal value is very effective for such conditions as: herpes, eczema, shingles, psoriasis, rash, rheumatism, gout, arthritis, lung problems and also dysentery. This tea may also be helpful in breaking the smoking habit. Sassafras tea promotes detoxification that purifies the blood. I love the taste of this tea and how pleasant and enjoyable the after glow is. I also use this in proper mixes in recipes in "Mae's Healing Recipes"

Directions: Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil and add 3 TBS. of the Sassafras Root tea, cover simmer10 min, remove from heat and steep 30 minutes. Strain and enjoy. Place the remaining tea in a glass quart jar and refrigerate. This tea keeps very well in the refrigerator for 2 weeks or more.


Sassafras Root Bark Tea
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Note: All orders within South Dakota have 4% state tax included. Out of state, no taxes included.

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