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"Healing Hebrew Scriptures"

I am reading the word on this cd and sending you my blessings for vibrant health, so it is from my heart to yours!


Healing Hebrew Scriptures



I am so excited to be able to offer you the powerful words that helped me
to keep going when I was very ill and living in a porcelain trailer in AZ. The words of the Bible have healing energy and truths that transform your thinking into believing you can do it you can sleep you can become strong and vibrant again. Increasing your faith to know we can self heal and the promises in the Bible are true.

When this cd is played beside the bedside of children they fall asleep almost immediately and wake feeling very calm. I see all ages of people come into a state of feeling comforted
and calm and experiencing a sense of well being.

The Hebrew language is a very breathy language and in cymatic studies when sand was exposed to the Hebrew language it formed geometric shapes, this is very interesting in how it can affect the cells in our body in a very positive way.

Healing promises are here for you today don't wait any longer to start your journey to health and healing.

Note: All orders within South Dakota have 4% state tax included. Out of state, no taxes included.

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