Ann Orton's Testimonial

Hi, I am finally writing my testimonial. The problem with writing is that it is never finished- so let’s call it the beginning. Please post if you want to. Thanks, Anne

Two years ago I visited a book fair in Sioux Falls and while reading the back of a book I spotted the words “became allergic……many environmental chemicals.” I looked up in shock and a kind voice asked, “What is your story?” I told her that I was allergic to many chemicals. I bought the book. I read it, and read it, and read it. A year later I visited Marjorie for a consultation.

A few weeks ago a friend asked me if I would be where I am today without Marjorie Mae, and after quick consideration, I answered, “no way”. Here are just some of the benefits of my trip to visit her.

The hope she offered was primary to my healing. About 4 years ago I began to have vague symptoms, and after searching medically for answers ( with no results) I started to research chemical and electrical sensitivity. There appeared to be little hope for renewed health. My health spiraled downward, I could not continue teaching, and life as I knew it was seemingly over.

She offered understanding of this often misunderstood and little diagnosed auto immune condition. She related it to surgeries, sinus infections, antibiotic use and dental work. Everything I thought was making me healthier was chipping away at the immune system until the “perfect storm” erupted when my spleen was surgically removed. Understanding is part of the healing process.

Marjorie taught me about food combinations and healing the gut. I learned to pay attention to how I felt after eating something. My body reacts to many common foods and I feel physically terrible after eating them. When I eat a diet rich in nutrients, such as her squash soup, my body is calm and I feel good. I now understand that my problem is not the chemicals or electricity, but my body’s inability to cope with them. Healing enables me to live more comfortably in the world.

Her physical treatments, opening the blocked meridians, are true gifts from God. After the first treatments I felt and looked like a different person. It is not a one treatment remedy, but it gave me hope that improvement was possible.

Gratitude enables me to face each day, to laugh rather than be angry, and to thank God that I am growing healthier and learning how to live a healthier life.

There are many people who have helped along the way: my allergist, a PA, and my chiropractor, all who” think outside the box.” I have worked with a holistic dentist and a naturopath, as well. These people all were necessary pieces in my puzzle, but they were individual pieces. Marjorie helped me fit the pieces together to build a healthier life.

I am grateful for my family who has gone from confusion and doubt to support and understanding, and to friends who have accompanied me along the way.



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