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Air purifier buying advice: There are two basic types of air purifiers. Room models, which are most heavily promoted, can be moved from room to room. Whole-house models are built into the ductwork of a forced-air heating or cooling system and, as their name implies, filter the air in the entire house.

While air purifiers can be expensive to purchase, you need to remember one thing. They result in clean air, which is easier to breathe. Can you put a price tag on that? That is why, when you think about, air purifiers are a great deal; thus making them definitely worth the buy. However, as great as air purifiers are, you need to remember that they are not all the same. That is why it is important that you know what you are buying.

The air purifiers listed below are health improving products that Mae endorses.

Air Purifiers - The products below are health improving products that Mae endorses. Clicking on the product of your choice will navigate you to the appropriate website to make your purchase.

The Refresh is totally maintenance free and last up to 20,000 hours.

Refresh continuously helps protect your food by reducing odors, bacteria, and mold. With Refresh by EcoQuest, keeping odors from taking over the fridge and having it smell stanky, will never be a monthly chore again.

The Refresh www.myvollara.com//maeshealingrooms

No need to get a new washing machine! LaundryPure installs on most brands and models, upgrading their effectiveness with Certified Space technology. Uses oxygen and peroxides to lift dirt and odors away from your wash. Reduces/eliminates the need for harsh laundry detergents and cleaners. Helps eliminate allergic reactions due to detergent residue. Kills germs without bleach or hot water with the power of Silver. Clothes and linens become softer, fluffier, and last longer. Whites get whiter, colors get brighter.

LaundryPure www.myvollara.com//maeshealingrooms

Reduces pollen, dust and dander. Kills mold and germs!* High Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 216!† Results you can trust from America’s choice for clean air. Take the solution to the pollution ActivePure – Safe, active technology duplicates nature. Using ionization, UV, and photo-oxidation, ActivePure works out in the environment to kill things like mold and germs on surfaces while dropping smoke, odors, and other pollutants out of the air...

ActivePure www.myvollara.com//maeshealingrooms

Yes, it will freshen the air in your car, but it does so much more. With a Fresh Air To Go™ you are taking with you our powerful SynAirG™ technology, which incorporates the same process NASA uses to scrub the air inside their spacecraft. Whether you’re sitting in the driver’s seat or reclining in an office chair, Fresh Air To Go is hard at work combining UV light and rare metals in a process known as Radiant Catalytic Ionization™ (RCI). Together with ionization and activated oxygen, this unique synergy creates the highly effective “supercharged” Ecotech process available only in EcoQuest products. And that’s just the start! Ecotech does most of its work after it reaches the air outside the unit, eliminating smoke and odors.

Fresh Air To Go www.myvollara.com//maeshealingrooms

Hampers, trash cans, diaper pails...they’re all designed to store smelly stuff. How do you stop them from smelling up the whole room? The answer is to take one of nature’s most powerful deodorizers and target the very source of the problem; to literally focus what keeps fresh air fresh, and bring it indoors. No sprays, no perfumes - just nature.

Deodorizer www.myvollara.com//maeshealingrooms

This Purifier does not produce Ozone. It works wonders by taking the indoor air purification process into your environment, this air purifier provides a solution that goes far beyond simple filtration or UV light. Treating problems like smoke and odors at the source means you get more coverage, greater effectiveness, and a better value for your dollar.

Purifier www.myvollara.com//maeshealingrooms

The Fresh Air Buddy Creates an almost particle-free "exclusion zone" around the wearer by generating high intensity ion streams that add charges to nearby airborne particles.

These charged particles repel each other and adhere to surfaces out of your breathing zone. This means substantially decreased concentrations of toxic allergens, smoke, dust, viruses, and bacteria in the air you breathe and the air that contacts your eyes.

Fresh Air Buddy www.myvollara.com//maeshealingrooms

This small portable box has proven to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, germs on surfaces, viruses like the flu on doorknobs will die. Bacteria, like E. coli and Salmonella on countertops, MRSA antibiotic resistant staph and Avian bird flu. This air purifier is so powerful it stops them all in their tracks. Natural germ-killing, odor-reducing processes found in sunlight and thunderstorms are created in the home, the same way mother nature works outdoors. Our technology is based on research done to create safe environments. Which means you spend less money on harmful chemical sprays and wipes and more time with your loved ones. Take control of your life today!

Air Purifier www.myvollara.com//maeshealingrooms

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