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About Mae

Marjorie Mae is the mother of one daughter and four sons, the grandmother of seven granddaughters and three grandsons, AND the great-grandmother of six.

Marjorie worked many years with the Head Start program as a teacher, Parent Educator, Education Coordinator, Child Development Associate Trainer and Advisor, Assistant Health Special Needs Coordinator, Nutrition Educator, Peer Reviewer and Counselor. Her education is extensive in all of these areas.

After she became ill, she chose to become educated in natural health modalities and was able to learn from very wise teachers in Arizona.

Marjorie applied what she learned to her own life to be able to regain her health again.

She goes forward with a passion to share truths to help you retain or regain your health and the health of your family.

"Welcome to Mae's Healing Rooms where you can learn how to heal yourself with the food you eat".

Mae's Healing Rooms ~ Phone (605) 787-6113

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